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Dear Potential Business Partner,

Thank you for visiting our Affiliate webpage. The purpose of this page is to guide you to becoming an affiliate of the Keylogger Spy Software web site. Here we will show you how to become an affiliate and then run through a few methods you most likely are very well aware of.

We use Clickbank as our system for paying affiliates and webmasters. Clickbank is a trusted symbol for affiliate marketers. We therefore are very comfortable using them to pay your commission.

Currently our website offers a 75% commission rate to affiliates. That means you can earn as much as roughly $32 per sale you refer. Refer 4 every day and like clockwork you will be earning $3000 every month. Not Bad at all!

If you are not a Clickbank member currently visit their web site at to get a free account.

If you have an account here is how your link should be formed:

Wondering how to advertise this product? Generally the target audience are:

* Concerned parents who want to monitor activity on the family computer.
* Business owners who wish to monitor employees.
* And people who just like to see what's going on the computer when they are not around. The audience is wide!

If you are into using programs like Adwords or the Adcenter targetting keywords related to keyloggers and spy software prove very effective.

Below are banners that you can use (Please upload them to your server):

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