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Keylogger ME Secretly Monitors and Logs all Activity on your PC. Safeguard Kids, Catch Cheating Spouses, Reveal Chat History, Website URL, Real Time Screenshots

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Vulnerable Children who view and even contribute to X-rated material, chat and meet online predators, read and assimilate violent or hate filled material all the while keeping it a secret from his or her parents. Keystroke logger used to protect children video content

The Online World of the Internet, Bad Motives, Secrets and Lies are sadly the reality of cheating significant others while the innocent mate is oblivious to what is going on. Secretly using dating sites or social networks the cheating mate is unfaithful. Key logging software used to catch an unfaithful spouse video content

For business owners, time and resources that should be used to progress your business are wasted by employees who seek to have a "good time" on the internet while they are on the clock being paid by you. Keyloggers are good for monitoring employee activity video content

If after looking at those scenarios you say, "that could never happen to me" - it is likely that you are DEAD WRONG!!!

There are literally thousands of social traps that exist on the internet. The three mentioned are just a few of the things that can go wrong with a computer and the internet. Every day these social traps are changing and getting worse. The wrong stance to take is to close your eyes and hope for the best.

Having studied (using Keylogger software) the cases of real people who have seen loved ones or business associates fall prey to the dangers and waste of the internet, almost all of them follow the same trend. No one suspected anything. It was only when it was too late or critical that the problem was discovered.

These traps are real! Here are news posts taken during the last 24 hours about these dangers --

Internet Predators - Internet Infidelity - Workplace Porn

DON'T BE TOO LATE! Take action! Instead of waiting until these, unknown to you, issues reach a boiling point take action now and avoid these nightmares. Saving you much heartache and your loved ones or business.

There is a Solution to all of this that is Easy to Use - Keylogger ME

This is a simple measure that you can take that will prevent these dangers from ever laying waste to your family or business.

Keylogger ME can easily be installed in your computer and will stealthily track every web site, online message, email, software, keystroke, everything that goes on with your computer. Without anyone but you knowing. You are the only individual privileged to see what others are doing and communicating online.

Keylogger Computer Spying Software

What is keylogger software? A keylogger is a type of software that tracks everything that goes on between the computer and computer user. This is all done with only the keylogging owner, YOU, knowing of the existence of the software running. All other computer users are unaware of its data collection. It's quiet, untraceable, undetectable and extremely effective.

Keylogger ME software is more high-tech, efficient and effective than anything else on the market. And that is because it has been designed off the platform Experts regularly use.

You get the same (keylogger) methods we use to track computer users in the computer securities field. The only difference is it is simplified for the average computer user to pick up and start using to monitor right away.

Don't be tricked into using another keylogger software that is only making claim to help you. You'll find other keylogger software makers providing buggy, overpriced, and possibly unsafe software to install on your computer.

With Keylogger ME you are getting cutting edge software technology that is safe, simple, and works undeniably well.

Main Features of Keylogger ME

Tracks all websites visited - see where all computer users went online when they were alone.

Records all keystrokes made on the computer - particularly beneficial for reading others online chat and emails.

Retrieve account names and passwords at web sites like Myspace, Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Tracks all web browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and more.

Not affected by invisible mode features found in most browsers. Tracks web sites visited 100% of the time, guaranteed.

Find out all the programs that were used on the computer - monitor video games played and programs accessed.

Snap shots of the computer screen recorded in timed intervals - giving an added layer of monitoring.

Stealthily runs in the background of your computer - only you know it is running and recording data.

Option to email collected data to the email address of your choice on a daily basis.

Easy to use and includes video instructions.
Runs on all Windows Operating Systems (including Windows 8).

Download Keylogger ME Spy Software Now

24 hour/7 days PC Spy Monitoring for $24.70 - Instant Download - 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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"To Anyone Reading This! GET this program. It may or may not come as a surprise to you but the keylogger showed me that my 14 year old daughter was chatting with some very suspicious anonymous person from facebook who had romantic remarks for her. Thank god we were able to detect this and put a stop to it." - Mark / Parent

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My mind is now at ease with our home computer." - Diana / Parent

"I just like to know what everyone else is doing on my computer when I'm not around. This is very cool." - Jeff / Security Conscious

"The kindness of the staff in helping me with this software has made all the difference in securing the family computer." - Dawn / Parent

"Worked like a charm. I was surprised at the kind of websites that some in my family were going to. I also found out that my daughter was chatting with a boy that we wanted her to stay away from. This is invaluable to me your software is priceless." - Pete / Parent

"I saw the warning signs. He was spending too much time online. Your software helped to confirm what I was afraid of. But it saved me from problems that could of been much worse if this went on all under my nose without knowing." - Megan / Relationship Issue

"My son was going to sites viewing pictures he should not of been. Thank you for helping me catch this." - Brian / Parent

" I feel secure knowing at all times what is going on with my laptop. I have very important files on my computer." - Joey / Security Conscious

"Just the kids knowing that there is software running monitoring them is enough to keep them visiting squeaky clean websites." - Marvin / Parent

"Thanks for negotiating an unlimited license of your software. We have it running on all the computers in our office. I've personally made sure to it the IT guy loads this on all new computers." - Leo / Small Business Owner

"This puts me at ease with the pc even though it is in the living room." - Amanda / Parent

"After using your keylogger let me just say someone is grounded from the computer for a very long time." - Tina / Parent

"I put this on the computer and after a few days what I learned all I can say is oh crap!" - Jon / Parent

"This is deterring bad behavior in our household. Thanks again!" - Emily / Parent

"After seeing the news reports online getting this was a no brainer for me and my husband." - Janet / Parent

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