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Give Keylogger Spying Software a try before buying it. We offer a free to try version of the keylogger.

This version includes a run time of 2 days. You'll be able to try it out and see all the data it collects over a period of 2 days.

After the trial period of 2 days the free version will no longer collect data (Purchase the full version to remove the 2 day restriction). You will be able to see the data it collected while it was active.

Download the Trial Version Now FREE

Functions only for 2 days

No thanks, just give me the real version for $24.70

Learn how to use the user friendly functions of Keylogger ME software with the Quick Start Guide. Also see System Requirements.


"Thanks for negotiating an unlimited license of your software. We have it running on all the computers in our office. I've personally made sure to it the IT guy loads this on all new computers." - Leo / Small Business Owner

"To Anyone Reading This! GET this program. It may or may not come as a surprise to you but the keylogger showed me that my 14 year old daughter was chatting with some very suspicious anonymous person from facebook who had romantic remarks for her. Thank god we were able to detect this and put a stop to it." - Mark / Parent

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My mind is now at ease with our home computer." - Diana / Parent

"I just like to know what everyone else is doing on my computer when I'm not around. This is very cool." - Jeff / Security Conscious

"The kindness of the staff in helping me with this software has made all the difference in securing the family computer." - Dawn / Parent

"Worked like a charm. I was surprised at the kind of websites that some in my family were going to. I also found out that my daughter was chatting with a boy that we wanted her to stay away from. This is invaluable to me your software is priceless." - Pete / Parent

"I saw the warning signs. He was spending too much time online. Your software helped to confirm what I was afraid of. But it saved me from problems that could of been much worse if this went on all under my nose without knowing." - Megan / Relationship Issue

"My son was going to sites viewing pictures he should not of been. Thank you for helping me catch this." - Brian / Parent

" I feel secure knowing at all times what is going on with my laptop. I have very important files on my computer." - Joey / Security Conscious

"Just the kids knowing that there is software running monitoring them is enough to keep them visiting squeaky clean websites." - Marvin / Parent

"This puts me at ease with the pc even though it is in the living room." - Amanda / Parent

"After using your keylogger let me just say someone is grounded from the computer for a very long time." - Tina / Parent

"I put this on the computer and after a few days what I learned all I can say is oh crap!" - Jon / Parent

"This is deterring bad behavior in our household. Thanks again!" - Emily / Parent

"After seeing the news reports online getting this was a no brainer for me and my husband." - Janet / Parent

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